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The Knights Africa Development Training Institute (Knights Institute) provides professional development programs that are tailored to the African context. 

Our programs are designed to help people to advance in their careers and personal lives. With us, you will acquire the knowledge you need, enhance the skills that matter, and gain the confidence to stand out. This is how you become competitive, get ahead, and achieve your goals.

We offer flexible program delivery options to accommodate busy schedules, and our small class sizes ensure that learners receive personalized attention from our facilitators. Enjoy the experience...
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"The programs are delivered by experienced facilitators with real-world experience, and are designed to provide students with practical skills that matter; experiential knowledge that can be immediately applied to solve problems; and the confidence they need to overcome day-to-day challenges."

How we see the future


We see a future that is intentionally designed by people who have the knowledge, skills, experience, and tool-kits to create and sustain change.  However, in this future, there are a lot of learning institutions and it is flooded by graduates. For you to thrive in this future, you only need to learn what matters. Knights Institute programs have been designed to equip you with essential cutting edge capacities and capabilities.

Vision: Empowered people developing Africa 

Mission: To design and deliver programs which enable people to learn what matters, and to use the insights to unlock pathways to personal, professional, and African development

Motto: Learn what matters

Choose a development track

Personal Development Track

Become confident. 

This track helps you to gain essential life skills, and to stand out from the crowd.

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Professional development Track

Become a professional.

Get foundational and specialist skills that help you to get ahead in your career.

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African Development Track

Become a changemaker. 

Increase your awareness on Africa's pressing challenges. Lead and sustain change.

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Internally certified programs

Young Achievers  Program

Personal Development Track.

Designed for 15 - 25 year-old people. You desire to stand out, expand your thinking, adopt habits that will enable you to excel.

Min. duration: 3 months
Cost: KES 5,000 per person per month

Master Achievers Program

Personal Development Track.

Designed for 26 - 35 year-old people. You desire to adapt, become more resilience, and adopt mindsets that propel you to achieve your goals.

Min duration: 3 months
Cost: KES 7,000 per person per month

Silver Professionals Program

Professional Dev Track.

Designed for 20 - 35 year old people. You need introductory modules, toolkits, and networks in the current and future world of work.

Duration: 9 months
Cost: KES 45,000 per person

Golden Entrepreneurs Program

Professional Dev Track.

Designed for 20 - 35 year old people. You need basic knowledge, skills, and toolkits to set up & operate your business.

Duration: 9 months
Cost: KES 50,000 per person

Community Projects Design Program

Professional Development Track.

Become a Certified Project Designer. Understand the approaches to identifying community issues and designing effective solutions.

Duration: 12 months
Cost: KES 95,000 per person

Diamond Management Program

Professional Development Track.

Become a Certified Project Manager. Acquire the capacity to strategically manage, and efficiently implement projects and routine operations.

Duration: 12 months
Cost: KES 120,000 per person

Africa Solutions Program

Africa Development

Become an African Development Professional. Collaborate to develop pan-African solutions to Africa's challenges. 

Duration: 9 months
Cost: KES 65,000 per person

Corporate Learning Solution Program


Let's build the capacity and capabilities of your organization and teams. Request a customized quote from institute@knights.africa

Duration: Subject to needs
Cost: Subject to quote

Externally certified programs

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