Connecting Africa's

young people

to live, serve, & lead

Who we are

African Knights is a youth development organization with a commitment to enabling young people to live, serve, and lead, with excellence.

By joining us, you form part of a pan-African network that connects changemakers to collaborate in transforming Africa's challenges into Africa's solutions. You become a Knight.

Our goals

A progressive African society where we live to attain our full potential.
To enable young people in Africa to live, serve, and lead, with excellence.
Why us
We share the resources and inspiration you need to know better, be better, and do better.

Our values

  • Knights live with a purpose

    We are motivated to becoming better versions of ourselves. Just as iron sharpens iron, Knights help Knights to unlock our potential, find our purpose, and maintain the balance in our lives.
  • Knights serve with honour

    We are committed to redefine service to others through our virtues of loyalty, trust, reliability, and convenience. We are driven by the desire to discover our gifts, and to use those gifts to do good.
  • Knights lead with strategy

    We are dedicated to life long learning, and to use the lessons learnt in adapting, adding value, and creating lasting change. We are driven by the desire to discover, design, and deliver solutions which make a difference.
  • Knights strive for excellence

    We believe that there is always a better way, and there are no do-overs. Everyday, we commit to do things to their best possible way. In all things, we strive for excellence.

Know better

Do better

Be better.

The African Knights experience

Enjoy your African Knights experience, and get recognized by your fellow Knights.

Honours - They recognize merit in terms of general achievement and service to the African continent and/or within African Knights. African Knights has 3 Orders of Chivalry, and 4 Orders of Merit

Awards - They recognize specific accomplishments or deeds of personal growth, achievement, or service within the African continent or African Knights. They comprise distinctions, medals, merit bars, decorations, prizes, and certificates which are conferred to recognize service, achievement, participation, and completion. Distinctions recognize outstanding all round achievement; medals recognize substantive service on a mission, length of service within the Knighthood, and/or good conduct; merit bars recognize moderate achievement, decorations recognize specific deeds, and certificates recognize elementary achievement. African Knights has 10 award schemes.

Projects - These are internal and external assignments which are designed and/or implemented in collaboration with clients and development organization. Projects bring knights together to collaborate in co-creating solutions and transforming Africa's challenges into Africa's solutions.

Events - These are opportunities that bring Knights together to collectively enjoy the Knighthood experience through team building and networking. African Knights has 7 main event types.

1. African Knights Shield. This is the highest honour awarded by African Knights. It represents embodiment of the philosophy, values, and vision of African Knights.
2. Knights Flame. Recognizes outstanding dedication to promoting organizational development of African Knights, and sustainable development of the African continent.
3. Knight of Honour. Recognizes role models in living, service, and leadership according to the Knights Way.
4. Knights Heart. Recognizes acts of service, conflict sensitivity, and responsiveness to peace.
5. Knights Key. Recognizes discovery of new ways of working, leadership, and innovations that improve the quality of life.
6. Knights Spear. Recognizes exemplary leadership and advisory.
7. African Knight. Recognizes Rookies who have joined the Pan African Roundtable of Knights.
  • Diploma - Awarded by the Knights Institute for exemplary demonstration of skill and practice, and/or mastery in domains of Knighthood.
  • Distinguished Leadership Award - Conferred upon a Knight who has exemplified outstanding leadership.
  • Distinguished Service Award - Conferred upon a Knight who has made valuable contributions in the fields of various grades.
  • Distinguished Visionary Award - Conferred upon a Knight who has exemplified purposive living.
  • Knight Commander's Commendation. Award to recognize outstanding achievement in purposive living, honourable service, and/or strategic leadership.
  • Meritorious Service Award - Awarded to any person, not being a Knight, who demonstrates  exemplary service.
  • Knights Mentorship/Foundry Award. Award successful participation in the Knights Mentorship / Foundry Program.
  • Medals - Awarded for appreciation and recognition of substantive achievement e.g. The Knight Medal of Appreciation 
  • Merit Bar - Awarded to recognize moderate achievement in any domain of Knighthood.
  • Certificates - Awarded for participation, completion, or elementary achievement.

Projects bring Knights together to collaborate in co-creating solutions and transforming Africa's challenges into Africa's solutions.

  • Knighthood projects - Before a Rookie transforms into a Knight, or a Knight advances from one Grade to another, he/she must complete a Capstone Project. African Knights designs other projects to continuously test the application of knowledge and skills by trainees and Knights
  • Commercial projects - African Knights also collaborates with individuals and organizations to design and implement projects at a fee.

  • Game Knight

  • Pan African Roundtable of Knights

  • Knights Community Service

  • African Knights Day

  • Ubuntu

  • Professionals Marketplace

  • Calender events

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